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Homepage policy


The ISIC Executive Committee (ISIC / exec) is responsible for the overall content of ISIC’s
The webmaster is responsible for the daily operation of the website and makes necessary
corrections in cooperation with the provider. The provider makes the web hosting service
available to the website. The webmaster may submit suggestions for changes to the ISIC /
Changes in the structure of the website or its content are made at the initiative of ISIC / exec
or the group of participants designated by the ISIC / exec. All duly appointed committees and
project groups represent ISIC / exec.
Text and design changes must be approved by the ISIC / exec.
Writers and photographers should always be aware that their submitted material may be
published on ISIC’s website. Submitted material may also be used in other various efforts
connected with work for the promotion of the Icelandic Sheepdog.
Photos and texts used on the website are subject to copyright laws and may not be freely
copied and distributed.
All texts and images submitted to the webmaster may be used on the website.